RTTQA Group Vision Statement

To design and centrally coordinate and implement radiotherapy Quality Assurance programmes for all NIHR CRN portfolio trials that include a radiotherapy component thus enabling high quality practice-changing techniques to be included for the benefit of cancer patients nationwide

The RTTQA group is a centralised resource providing a national RT trial QA programme for all NIHR CRN Clinical Research Portfolio trials that include a radiotherapy component.

The group works through four NHS sites, Mount Vernon Cancer Centre (MVCC), Royal Marsden Hospital (RMH), Velindre Cancer Centre (VCC), and Clatterbridge Cancer Centre (CCC) with central coordination from the Mount Vernon Site.

The group provides direct interaction with a trial chief investigator, the relevant clinical trials unit (CTU), the trial management group (TMG) and local centres and individually formulates a QA programme to be delivered for each trial and undertakes the processes required to fulfil the programme.

The RTTQA group monitors adherance to a trial protocol and hence serves to minimise variations ensuring clinical trial outcomes reflect differences in randomisation schedules rather than departures from the trial protocol. The group is closely linked with CTRad Workstream 4 which leads on technical aspects of radiotherapy development.




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